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Laser IPL- Laser Hair Reduction

Thread Veins /Facial Rejuvenation/ Pigmentation

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Skinmedics is a doctor led clinic with degree level qualified laser operators with advanced laser qualifications using the latest IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Laser equipment for the treatment of a range of skin conditions incorporating facial rejuvenation, thread veins, pigmentation treatments to laser hair reduction. We receive referrals from clinics operated by beauticians and other clinics who have been unable to achieve the required levels of results demanded by todays clients. Facial rejuvenation in the form of anti aging treatments, treatments for facial thread veins, acne and rosacea related conditions can be targeted with these forms of therapies. Collagen formation is directly stimulated by IPL in anti aging therapies. A range of other conditions may also be treated by laser or IPL.

Differing conditions require an individualised approach to treatment regimes as computer aided equipment such as the above can be precisely adjusted. Some conditions can be managed for variable periods with a single treatment but most often a course of either laser or IPL treatment is required. Some conditions require ongoing long term treatment. These are undertaken at variable intervals but 4 to 6 weekly for 8 to 12 months would be a typical example.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are both forms of permanent hair reduction. The operators are highly trained and qualified and able to advise in depth regarding these forms of therapy. Full consultation and consent will be discussed prior to treatment.


1.Lip hair removal before and after


2.Spider naevus before and after


3.Lentigines hand before and after


4.Rosacea before and after


5.Thread veins nose before and after


6.Age Spots before and after IPL