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Introducing Tripollar/Bodycontouring/Fat Remodelling/Cellulite-Treatments

The Skinmedics Clinic on London Road, Leicester was the FIRST clinic in the United Kingdom to introduce the most advanced radiofrequency system in the world to this country in the form of the Tripollar Apollo Radiofrequency System.The clinic doctor undertakes most of the treatments and is the lead practitioner for Tripollar in the UK. Skinmedics operators utilise the Tripollar Apollo RF system  which has received excellent reports  for the treatment cellulite ,body contouring and for use in skin tightening procedures. The Tripollar system can be used to treat a multitude of dermatological and aesthetic indications including body contouring treatments and the treatment of skin laxity. Usually up to 6 treatments are recommended but results can be noted in some individuals after one treatment. The response obviously varies between individuals.

This system allows a non invasive, non ablative and almost pain free methodology for using Radiofrequency technology to allow thermotherapy treatments at variable tissue levels within the body.

The system incorporates a Tripollar mode to allow RF energy to be focssed more superficially .This can be used to treat areas which are thinner and more delicate such as the face . The Tripollar mode allows controlled deeper penetration of energy to dermal and subdermal layers .

Radiofrequency treatments can be used as part of a combination of treatments including other resurfacing procedures /IPL and injection based treatments.

Q: What is Radio Frequency treatment?


  • Radio frequency is a method where heat is delivered to the skin through poles that are placed on the surface of the skin.
  • The collagen structures in our skins are located in the deeper skin layers, and by heating those layers sufficiently we (a) contract existing collagen, and (b) trigger a response which leads to increased production of collagen; which results in tighter and firmer skin.
  • Radio frequency treatment can also treat the appearance of cellulite; by heating the deepest skin layer fat is removed from the cells affected by cellulite, collagen is regenerated and circulation is improved. (Not all Radio frequency devices can treat cellulite, as the RF current does not penetrate deep enough with some of the more old fashioned devices. Regen, however, treats the deep and superficial skin layers simultaneously.)


Q: How long has Radio Frequency been in use for? / Is RF new?

A: RF has been used in medicine for over 30 years, in minimally invasive surgery, for coagulation and ablation (in other words, to stop bleeding). Cosmetic applications for RF have been developing for the last 5 years approximately.


Tripollar, however, is new, and is the latest advance in RF technology available today.


The main differences between Tripollar and older types of RF technology are:

  • A visible difference can be seen immediately in most cases,
  • The treatment is comfortable, pleasant and not painful,
  • The risk of suffering any side effects is very low,
  • Cellulite and loose skin can be treated simultaneously if needed,
  • Treatments are a lot more cost effective / affordable.


Q: What can be treated?

A: Loose and sagging skin, anywhere on the body. It is excellent when used on :

  • the face (jowls, sagging skin on the jawline, folds that run from the nose to the mouth, crow's feet, wrinkles etc),
  • the neck (excess fat, double chins, "turkey neck", sagging skin),
  • the upper arms (bingo wings, loose / "crepy" skin, cellulite),
  • the abdomen (loose skin e.g. post-pregnancy, after weight loss, post-liposuction, cellulite)
  • the buttocks and thighs (loose skin, cellulite)
  • excess pockets of localised fat - anywhere on the body


Q: How many treatments are needed?

A: Generally, 6-8 sessions are recommended. Where the concern is very severe, 8-10 sessions may be needed.


Q: How often are treatments recommended?

A: Treatments should be carried out once a week, for 6-8 weeks.


Q: How soon will I see results?

A: It depends on what you are having treated. Results can usually be seen from the first treatment, and after every treatment, when loose skin is treated. The result keeps improving through the course of treatments, and the long term results (increased collagen production) starts to set in after approximately 4-5 sessions.

When cellulite is treated, tighter and firmer skin can usually be seen straight away, and the appearance of cellulite (uneven texture/dimpling) starts to improve within a few weeks. It also depends on the severity of the condition treated.

Q: It the treatment painful or uncomfortable?

A: No, the treatment is pleasant and relaxing. Many people compare the sensation to a warm massage. The sensation can become quite hot, but should never be uncomfortable.


Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Common side effects are redness and slight swelling. The redness is similar to what can be seen after a good work out, and is temporary. It is an increased in localised blood flow, and usually goes within an hour or so. The swelling is localised in the tissue, and actually makes the skin look better! The swelling can last for approximately 24-48 hours.

Rare side effects can include burning, although there have been no reported cases of burning anywhere in the world with this system, but there have been with other RF systems.


Q: How long do treatments take?

A: It depends on the area treated. Treatments take between approximately 30 minutes (for the face, or arms, or stomach) and an hour (buttocks and thighs).