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Sculptra is an injectable treatment that works by stimulating the build up of the body's own collagen to improve lines and wrinkles. Sculptra's volumising effect also restores lost facial volume , resulting in a fuller younger looking face. The overall effect is a youthful appearance with gradual natural looking results.

Sculptra is a discrete approach which allows a natrual effect to occur. Clinical studies show sculptra can last from 2 to more than 3 years. No allergy testing is required prior to treatment.

Initially the injected Sculptra fills out the wrinkles and volume defect.

Within a few days ,the water in the Sculptra is absorbed by the body with a slight increase in wrinkle depth again.

the second phase consists of a natural ,soft build up of the connective tissue smoothing out wrinkles and contour defects.

After approximately 6 weeks an improvement can be noticed. Larger volume defects require further treatments usually 2 to 5 treatments depending on the initial condition.