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Skin Peels/Acne


Various combinations of treatments may be used to treat acne . Large numbers of clients visit Skinmedics for this condition. Because of the differing nature of acne a consultation is advised before proceeding with this type of treatment.

Skinmedics has recently introduced a range of medical needling techniques at its Leicester based clinic including the Dermaroller which can be used as an option for acne scarring , stretch marks and for facial rejuvenation as a treatment for lines and wrinkles.

This section will be further updated shortly.


General skin Information etc


Please see general information section on skin types


The Fitzpatrick scale is the most widely used system to classify skin types and was created by Thomas Fitzpatrick of Harvard Medical School in 1975

Fitzpatrick scale

Type 1             Very fair skin, always burns and never tans

Type 2             Fair skin, always burns and sometimes tans

Type 3            Medium skin sometimes burns and always tans

Type 4            Olive skin rarely burns and always tans

Type 5            Moderately pigmented skin never burns and always tans

Type 6            Markedly pigmented black skin never burns and always tans